iPhone SE and iPhone 5S Repairs

Have a cracked screen on your iPhone SE or iPhone 5S? Issues with your iPhone battery? Has it become difficult to charge your device? Perhaps your camera isn’t what it used to be? 911 iPhone Repair has got you covered! Common repairs for these models are listed below. If your repair is not listed, or you are unsure of the issue, stop by or give us a call; we love to help.

Broken Screen/LCD

If you have a broken glass screen, or if your LCD is damaged.

Original Grade – iPhone SE – $120

Aftermarket – iPhone SE – $100

Original Grade – iPhone 5S – $120

Aftermarket – iPhone 5S – $100

Charging Port

Difficulty plugging in your device or errors when it is connected.

Charging Port – iPhone SE – $80

Charging Port – iPhone 5S – $80

Battery Replacement

If your battery fluctuates frequently, or if your battery doesn't hold a charge.

Battery – iPhone SE – $90

Battery – iPhone 5S – $80

Camera Replacement

If your shutter or focus doesn't work, or if you have black spots in your photos.

Front Camera – iPhone SE – $80

Front Camera – iPhone 5S – $80

Rear Camera – iPhone SE – $100

Rear Camera – iPhone 5S – $100

Buttons and Switches

Jammed buttons and switches that fail to respond.

Volume/Lock Buttons and Mute Switch – iPhone SE – $80

Volume/Lock Buttons and Mute Switch – iPhone 5S  – $80

Water Damage

If liquid got into your device shut if off and contact us immediately!

Water Damage cleaning – iPhone SE – $30

Water Damage cleaning – iPhone 5S – $30

Other iPhone Models

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