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iPhone Charging Port Repair Services

Having difficulties getting your iPhone to charge? Are you wedging your cable just to get it to work? Worry not! This super common repair is an inexpensive breeze. This is a high-traffic area for your phone, and issues can develop over time. All that is necessary is a charging port replacement. This will also fix any issues with the microphone, headphone jack, antenna, and loudspeaker.

Charging Port – iPhone 8 – $90

Charging Port – iPhone 8 Plus – $100

Charging Port – iPhone 7 – $80

Charging Port – iPhone 7 Plus – $90

Charging Port – iPhone 6S – $80

Charging Port – iPhone 6S Plus – $90

Charging Port – iPhone 6 – $80

Charging Port – iPhone 6 Plus – $90

Charging Port – iPhone SE – $80

Charging Port – iPhone 5S – $80

Other Common iPhone Repairs

If you’d like pricing based on repair type, take a look at the most common iPhone Repairs below.


Broken Screen/LCD

If you have a broken glass screen, or if your LCD is damaged.

Battery Replacement

If your battery fluctuates frequently, or if your battery doesn't hold a charge.

Camera Replacement

If your shutter or focus doesn't work, or if you have black spots in your photos.

Buttons and Switches

Jammed buttons and switches that fail to respond.

Water Damage

If liquid got into your device shut if off and contact us immediately!