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Top 5 Ways People Break Their iPhone

Top 5 Ways People Break Their iPhone With the news that the new iPhone X will cost $999 for a 64GB version and $1,149 for a 256GB one, you would think that users would be more careful; especially since repair costs are notoriously extortionate. However, people damage iPhones all the time and at our Ann … Read more

Deals and More!

Today we have another look at our office space. We’re really proud of how it’s taken shape, and customers seem delighted. Who knew a workshop could be so comfy? Swing by for a comlimentary beverage with your iphone screen repair We’ve been making a lot of changes to our site so that it can … Read more

Social Check In Offers

We are always running a $15 off discount on all screen repairs with a social check-in. Swing by for an iphone screen repair Our website is chock-full of great information on pricing for all sorts of repairs and promotions. Take a gander for iphone repair deals We love to post information and content, … Read more