iPhone and iOs Tips and Tricks

iphones arranged by generation on top of an ipad

No matter what generation of the iPhone you may have, each version is capable of a number of amazing features. There are many tricks and shortcuts that your iPhone can perform that will make your typing, messaging, searching, and everyday life much easier. Many of these features are not well known, or are even hidden, … Read more

How to Choose the Best iPhone Repair Service

A cracked or broken iPhone is a major disruption to your daily life. The convenience of having your emails, texts, pictures, and just about everything else within immediate reach has diminished. Your social and work life have officially been interrupted; you need to find an iPhone repair shop, fast. A simple Google search for “iPhone … Read more

iPhone News This Week

This Week’s News Roundup Apple updates, and more… As usual, Apple is stepping things up when it comes to the iPhone’s user experience, additional features, and subscriptions. This includes anti-motion sickness tech, potential subscription bundling, ios12 beta release, and more. At 911 iPhone repair we keep an eye out for anything new and exciting in … Read more

Apps to Explore Ann Arbor

Apps to Explore Ann Arbor Intro: “New Apps List for this Week” When exploring the dining capital of the Midwest, you need more than a roadmap. To make the most of your Ann Arbor experience, keep reading. Today we will be taking a look at a list of 4 apps that can help you find … Read more

iOS 12 Features and Tips

Cool iOS 12 Features iOS 12 didn’t only focus on improving performance and getting rid of bugs. It also has an array of awesome new features to improve your iOS 11 device. These features are aimed at improving interaction with your device and understand your usage. At 911 iPhone repair we hope that posts like … Read more

Free Tempered Glass

After quite a hot Independence Day week, we’re back to some cool weather for a change! This month we are introducing tempered glass with every repair, swing by for a screen protector and a screen repair https://goo.gl/RhigqD We’ve added front page testimonials after a slew of great reviews. We’re always eager to share customer experiences, … Read more

Art and iPhone Repair

Boredom beware! We’ve added a couple of coffee table books for your viewing pleasure as you wait for your device to be fixed. Swing by if you have a hankering for art and iphone repair    Mo’ site, mo’ problems they say, we’ll not here. We’ve opted for a simple, one-page information center for all … Read more

Essential iPhone Apps

You don’t have that app? We’ve all been there, while it’s easier than ever before to get any app, they keep making new ones, and trying then all out would take forever. Not a worry, we at 911 iPhone Repair have compiled the first in several lists detailing the most essential iphone apps to have … Read more