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iPhone and iOs Tips and Tricks

No matter what generation of the iPhone you may have, each version is capable of a number of amazing features. There are many tricks and shortcuts that your iPhone can perform that will make your typing, messaging, searching, and everyday life much easier. Many of these features are not well known, or are even hidden, but can make your everyday experience with iOS efficient and more pleasurable. Check out some of our favorite iPhone features.

Force Touch (3D Touch)

If you are using the default iOS keyboard on an iPhone 6S or later generation, you can take advantage of the 3D touch cursor. When typing, hold down your finger anywhere on the keyboard and the keyboard will change into a blank, gray trackpad that can be used as a mousepad for editing your writing. You will need to turn on 3D touch in your Settings to take advantage of this feature. The trackpad will allow you to quickly move a cursor around the screen.


The Force Touch trackpad is especially useful for editing long pieces of text in Notes, Mail, Messages, and any apps that have 3D touch activated.Holding the cursor down for a second will allow you to select text for easy editing, like copy/pasting and deleting multiple words in one touch.

Shake to Undo

This relatively simple, default iPhone feature is probably the most useful. If you have ever written out a long amount of text on your iPhone and then need to delete it, you know how tedious it is to hold down “Delete” and then wait for all the text to slowly delete. There is a much easier way to do this. If you gently shake your phone after writing out text, a window will pop up with an option to “undo.” If typing this long text was the last thing you did, it will undo everything you typed with one simple tap.


Shake to undo is useful for a variety of things. If you accidentally delete a piece of text you did not mean to, shake your phone and choose the “undo” option. Everything that was deleted will come back with one click.


Many people assume that they need to talk into the bottom of their phone when using speakerphone during a phone call. In reality, you do not need to tilt your phone towards your mouth because there is more than one microphone than the one located at the bottom. If you have an iPhone 5 or later, a microphone is located at the front, back, and bottom of the phone. You can simply hold your phone or place it on a surface near you when using speakerphone. The person on the other line will be able to hear you and others around you very easily. This makes listening and talking using speakerphone more accessible.


One-Handed Keyboard


For iPhone Plus users, it can be very difficult, or nearly impossible, to type using one hand because the screen is so large. Luckily, you can type using one hand by holding down the emoji icon (it looks like a globe) on your keyboard. After holding it down, select the icon with an arrow pointing to the right or the the icon pointing to the left. From here, depending on which direction you chose, the keyboard will shift from the left or the right. This will make the keyboard smaller, similar to the size of a general iPhone 7 or 8.


“Hide” Private Photos


Most iPhone users have pictures that they want to keep private from others but do not want to delete. It is always a little nerve wracking when someone is using your phone and you do not want them to see certain pictures you have saved. It is possible to keep some pictures in a private location on your iPhone other than in the Moments and Collection photo folders. Inside your Photos, select the images you would like to keep private, tap “Share” and then choose “Hide.” This will create another, private album where you can access these saved images without exposing them in the general folders.


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