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Taking the Best iPhone Photos / iPhone Camera Tips

Taking the Best iPhone Photos / iPhone Camera Tips


Whether you are a casual photographer, food blogger, or just someone that likes to post pictures of your dog on Facebook, chances are that you can get away with your iPhone’s built-in camera. Today, we’ll be taking a look at things that you can do to steps things up a notch in terms of iPhone photography. Later down the line we hope to offer you great videos on Youtube on iPhone repair and camera tips.




HDR Mode

Once your camera app is open, you’ll see all your controls under the photo frame. With these controls, you can flip the camera for a selfie, toggle the flash, and switch on High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode. Always keep your HDR Mode on. This will allow you to capture three different exposures and see detail in very dark and very light places. If you like sharing your pictures, Instagram can give you further control, and then you can repost the same photos on social media like facebook or Google Plus. Check out our page on ann arbor phone repair to see what we’ve posted!


Live Photos

By using an iPhone 6S or later, you can also take Live Photos. Enable Live Photos by tapping the icon in the top center that looks like a bull’s eye. After the icon turns yellow, remember not to move your phone.


Focus and Exposure


When your camera app is open, you can tell your camera where to focus, even if there are more prominent features in the shot. You do so by tapping on the object that your camera to focus on. This will also change the exposure of your image by, for example, changing the foreground object into a silhouette.


Lock Focus and Exposure

At times, you may want to lock focus and exposure. You can do so by simply tapping and holding on the screen. You will see a number of rectangles. This means that you can now move your camera away without losing your desired focus and exposure. Give a short tap to unlock.




An iPhone typically doesn’t zoom optically. This means that when you zoom in, your camera display will zoom digitally by magnifying the pixels. If you want to have a quality enlargement of your image, you have to move closer.




To get the best lighting, you have to adhere to the principles of photography 101. When taking a picture, make sure that the sun or windows are behind you. When you point your phone to a light source, your subject will be a silhouette.




A fill flash can be a handy way to get rid of shadows in bright daylight. The light from the flash will work best in daylight when you are close to your subject.




When it comes to composition, there are some rules that can help make your photo look professional. Divide your frame into three horizontal lines, and make sure that your subject is one of the lines. Also, make sure that your phone is level. A tilted picture can look amateurish. Our cover photo on Google and our website is a perfect example of this. The phone is broken on the ground, and is evenly spaced between the photographer’s feet, screaming “Where do I get my iPhone screen repaired in Ann Arbor?


Rule of Thirds


Switch on the grid of your camera and position the horizon on the bottom horizontal line and vertical objects where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect.




When taking high-quality photographs, your iPhone camera is your best friend. Unfortunately, your experience may be severely diminished if your smartphones have a cracked screen or glass. If you live in Ann Arbor, iPhone Repair 911 can fix damage due to spills, drops, or cracks.

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