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This Week’s News Roundup

Apple updates, and more…

As usual, Apple is stepping things up when it comes to the iPhone’s user experience, additional features, and subscriptions. This includes anti-motion sickness tech, potential subscription bundling, ios12 beta release, and more. At 911 iPhone repair we keep an eye out for anything new and exciting in our industry; we are always happy to bring our customers the latest deets, all in the name of quality ann arbor phone repair. If you are an avid iPhone user, keep reading, this week we have a slew of topics, ranging from industry developments to some new things on the home front. Let’s take a look at this week’s iPhone news roundup.

Anti-motion Sickness VR Tech for Cars

Since the dawn of self-driving car technology, drivers became passengers and the need for onboard productivity and entertainment started seeing the light of day. Even though onboard entertainment is nothing short of awesome, there is one big drawback – motion-sickness.

To prevent motion-sickness while reading, working, or enjoying audio-visual entertainment, Apple has filed patent applications for Immersive Visual Display and Augmented Virtual Display. These technologies consist of a VR headset that mimics the forward motion that the passenger physically experiences. Since the passenger visually and physically experiences a forward motion, it alleviates motion-sickness. These technologies make use of passenger sensor data to adapt the sense of movement as the user experiences it.

LG Supplies Apple with LCDS

In the past few years, Apple has been completely relying on Samsung as a supplier of iPhone X panels. This is about to change, however, as LG is about to become an additional supplier of Apple’s OLED screens.

These screens are said to be used in up to 4 million units of one of the new iPhone models that will be released this year. Although this is relatively little in comparison to Apple’s aggregate sales, it will provide Apple with some bargaining power in their negotiations with Samsung. Although Apple’s goal is to completely migrate the iPhone to OLED by the end of 2019, this may not happen. This is because it may diminish the chance for a low-cost LCD iPod to be released this year.

Potential Apple Subscription Bundling

Fans of Apple’s streaming content will be excited to hear that Apple may be working toward developing a single subscription service that will give them access to all their original tv shows, Apple Music, and e-magazines. (With any luck they’ll integrate Youtube so you can check out iphone repair tips, tricks, and hints.)

It is clear that Apple intends on bundling digital news and magazine subscriptions with Apple Music and video content subscriptions. When this will happen and what it will cost, however, time will tell. According to mainstream sources, Apple will still provide streaming and content services on their own.

iOS 12 Beta Comes Out

With their eye on its upcoming fall release, Apple made the first public beta of iOS 12 available to their public beta testing group. The new release came with a wide array of features to improve communication and to help users gain insight into the way and time they use their iPhones and other iOS devices. Check out our full article on the ios 12 beta that we’ve posted on our google plus dedicated to ann arbor phone repair.

Web Marketing

As we keep our eyes open to what Apple has in store for us, we must also address concerns on a local level. Lately we have received a great wealth of advice from the great folks at Digital Green Tea on localized marketing strategy. The advertising industry has changed substantially with the internet, and conventional means no longer work. Jeff Ito was incredibly forthright and candid talking about notions of link building and search engine optimization. It’s a colossal industry of secrets, and we’re definitely glad we know folks like those at Digital Green Tea.

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