Apps to Explore Ann Arbor

Apps to Explore Ann Arbor

Intro: “New Apps List for this Week”

When exploring the dining capital of the Midwest, you need more than a roadmap. To make the most of your Ann Arbor experience, keep reading. Today we will be taking a look at a list of 4 apps that can help you find the best Ann Arbor has to offer when you’re not getting your iphone fixed.

Open Table: “An Ann Arbor Restaurant Essential”

If there is one thing that Ann Arbor is famous for, it’s its dining scene. Whether you are looking for a craft beer venue, creamery, deli, or ethnic eatery, you’ll find it in Ann Arbor – if you have the right app, that is. Open Table is a culinary app that you can use to find the perfect dining place based on your unique preferences. You can also use Open Table to make free reservations and invite guests. Another thing that makes Open Table different from other travel apps is the fact that you can base your restaurant search on location, cuisine, and personalized recommendations.

Google Trips: “Plan Your Days, See Some Sights.”

We’ve been pretty accustomed to using the google suite, especially to make posts about iPhone repair, but when it comes to minimizing travel time, finding your favorite types of destinations in Ann Arbor, and planning your routes, nothing beats Google Trips. With this app, you can plan your entire trip within minutes. Google Trips have lists of attractions near you. Simply tap the “magic wand” to find a list that you like. Best of all, Google Trips extract all your travel info from your Gmail account and organizes everything automatically. This means that you can simply make a few tweaks and you are good to go. Don’t have a mobile data plan while traveling? No problem – Google Trips is available offline.

Nearify: “Things to Do.”

Ann Arbor is a vibrant city with a lot going on. If you want to find the best events and concerts, Nearify is the app for you. With Nearify, you can follow artists, save events, and buy tickets. Nearify will also give you directions to a specific venue.

The more you use Nearify, the better it will understand what your taste. This means that all recommendations will be relevant to you. Nearify is the perfect guide to Ann Arbor’s local culture, festival, and events. You will be able to find all your alerts, events, and nearby placed on one screen, making Nearify quick and effortless to use. You can base your search for events on distance, category, dates, and keywords.

ePark: “Parking App You Need for Downtown”

Wallet, check. Keys, check. Special iphone repair pricing, checked. But how will you park? Ann Arbor’s classic American downtown is filled to the brim with popular venues, eateries, cafés, and bars. This attracts a lot of people, which means that finding parking can be a challenge. The Ann Arbor ePark app is incredibly handy for booking, extending and paying for parking sessions – right from your phone.

Conclusion: “Can’t Use Those Cools Apps with a Broken Screen. Swing by for a Repair.”

You may have saved up a lot of cash for your trip to Ann Arbor. These apps can help you make the most of your experience, but if your iPhone or smartphone has a broken glass, visit 911 iPhone Repair right here in Ann Arbor and we will have you on your way in no time. If you enjoy informative posts like these our Youtube will be chock-full of great iOS and iphone repair related content.

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