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Essential iPhone Apps

You don’t have that app? We’ve all been there, while it’s easier than ever before to get any app, they keep making new ones, and trying then all out would take forever. Not a worry, we at 911 iPhone Repair have compiled the first in several lists detailing the most essential iphone apps to have these days, so that you can search less and enjoy more.

1- Google

Ah, the big Goog. Such a wonderful tool for answers. The google algorithm has grown and the set of features google can offer is really stupendous. You can get answers to quick math, business locations, the weekly weather, trivia, sports scoring and scheduling, all from the comfort of one simple app with a blank field to enter your questions. Surely no one is stranger to the utility of google, but now you can ditch the clunky browsers and get directly to the source!

2- Google Chrome

Speaking of clunky browsers, this one definitely isn’t. Made by the aforementioned tech behemoth, the Google Chrome browser was championed as the superior alternative to Safari and Internet Explorer back in the day. Now, it has more support and features than before, all in one lovely app. You can sign in to your Google account and have all of your bookmarks, saved passwords, and history at the ready; making your transition from desktop worker to mobile maverick all the easier. Pick up where you left off and never lose that article, recipe, or stock report.

3- Facebook

This one should come as no surprise, Facebook has long been one of the first apps to download. As the world’s foremost social network it’s not hard to see why. Most people are very familiar with the facebook suite of features, but what should be noted is that their app and mobile support are very much so inline with the desktop version- if not better; probably due to the huge transition to smartphones. Old Zuck is really looking to the future with this one, and it seems to have become a staple. We wonder what the future will have in store.

4- YouTube

While you can watch videos in your favorite browser, we recommend having the YouTube app so your phone can automatically switch to the higher quality viewing experience upon opening a video. YouTube, another Google acquisition has been growing in features, lately offering a TV option. It seems like we have a change of wind from traditional network broadcasting to newer app platform options. What will they offer next?!

5- Instagram

Everyone loves the ‘gram! A unique social network that consists of posted photos and videos. Never before has it been this easy to get a glimpse into the lives of people all across the world. Naturally there are plenty of privacy features, but this Facebook acquisition has certainly offered a great spin on sharing memories with your loved ones. Post a photo, tag a friend, and share a story; we know we do!

6- Snapchat and Bitmoji

This is a two-for-one as we wrap up the series of media-centric apps. Snapchat allows you to share short videos and photos with those in your friends list. An exciting feature of Snapchat are the dozens of filters you can apply while doing so. Snapchat will generate a set of dog ears, contort your face into one of an Italian chef, and even alter your voice for your amusement. The Bitmoji app will let you generate an animated version of yourself that you can use in your messages, adding a whimsical flair to your interactions.

7- Yelp!

Not sure where to eat? Not sure which contractor to hire? Forgot that one good noodle place? Yelp is for you. It’s the largest business directory and reviewing platform in the US. Yelp! has an easy interface and can help you find information and reviews on any business around you. Now you can rest assured when you visit that new eatery and salon knowing the service will be top notch. Explore your city, and find those wonder gems with the Yelp! app.


Whether your thing is facts, trivia, social media exchanges, or rolling in electro dough, there’s an app for that! We will be introducing more and more lists like these to save our iphone repair customers time and effort finding what they’re looking for. Not sure if it exists? Call us! We love helping clientele and while we don’t specialize in software, we can always go the extra mile and find you what you’re looking for.

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