Top 5 Ways People Break Their iPhone

Top 5 Ways People Break Their iPhone

With the news that the new iPhone X will cost $999 for a 64GB version and $1,149 for a 256GB one, you would think that users would be more careful; especially since repair costs are notoriously extortionate. However, people damage iPhones all the time and at our Ann Arbor iPhone repair shop, we’ve seen phones broken in ways you wouldn’t believe. Here are five of the most common iPhone faux-pas.

1 – Dropped on Hard Surface

You won’t be shocked to see this at number one. We are all guilty of clumsiness now and then but dropping your iPhone on concrete or a tiled floor is an expensive mishap. The screen is almost certain to crack which means you can’t view the display so iPhone repair is a necessity. Check out our site for the latest pricing and deals on iPhone screen repair.

2 – Stepped on or Sat On

What a way to go! Our iPhone repair team in Ann Arbor are always sad to see customers bring in crushed devices. They are delicate pieces of machinery so when you sit or step on it, you can expect a damaged screen, broken home button or ruined charging port. All of the above make your iPhone inoperable.

3 – Dropped in Toilet/Liquid

How often have you brought your phone with you to the bathroom and placed it in your pocket? All it takes is shallow pockets and your device will plummet into the murky depths of a toilet bowl. Incredibly, even leaving your iPhone in the bathroom while you shower can ruin it as the steam and humidity is capable of damaging its mechanisms. Luckily for you, our iPhone repair team in Ann Arbor knows how to bring your dead device back to life.

4 – Left on Top of a Car & Drove Off

Picture the scene: You are late for work and are checking emails or the latest news on your iPhone as you rush to the car. After realizing that your keys are back in the house, you absentmindedly leave your phone on the roof of the car. After returning to your vehicle, your haste to reach the office on time means you forget all about your device. Then, you either run over it or the phone smashes off the concrete. Either way, our iPhone repair team has you covered.

5 – Child or Pet

Kids may be cute but they have a propensity to destroy everything they get their hands on. They think your expensive iPhone can be thrown like a ball and you know what happens next! Likewise, your beloved pooch grabs it in his mouth and his powerful bite does the rest. Our Ann Arbor iPhone repair team has fixed more than a few devices that bit the dust due to children and pets!

What to do

When you’re paying four figures for an iPhone, we expect you to be careful when using and storing it away! However, we realize that accidents happen so if your precious device is damaged, get in touch with our team iPhone repair in Ann Arbor. If you enjoyed this post, there are many like it planned! Keep in touch with us on Google Plus for more hints, tips, and facts about iPhone repair!

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